About Us

We are the information and technology department of Keystone Human Services. Our responsibility within the organization is to conceptualize, manage, implement and deliver technologies that promote the goals of Keystone and further the goals of human services globally.

Most Keystone employees encounter us through the solution center, or help desk. There, we take your calls and your emails, and try to help you resume your work as quickly as possible. This is also the place to go to request the setup of a new user or changes to an existing one, and to order new equipment, such as a cell phone or a computer. The solution center should be your first stop for any computer or information related question.

If your question or problem involves any of our software applications that are in use across Keystone, your question might be referred to a PeopleSoft or Total:Record specialist. These staff members are most familiar with the applications, and are best able to help you quickly.

We are always looking for ways to improve and to be of better service to our colleagues. If you have suggestions for us, please send them to solutioncenter @ keystonesolutioncenter.org, or directly to the Chief Information Officer at jbuford @ keystonesolutioncenter.org.